Hessa Falasi in Fashion Forward Week

Hessa Falasi showcased her collection of covered and rich looks, with gorgeous pink abayas with a surprise bow on the back, wrap dresses combined with long glittery overcoats, and other pieces with regional relevance. But by rich don’t think over the top maximalism. The collection was carefully curated, with the right doses of coolness and youthfulness. Looking at Falasi’s designs, it seems obvious that something is changing among the local community, and this is being reflected in regional fashion. “The Middle East designers are changing the market, and in some cases doing better than the international brands”, explained Falasi after her show. “They design for people that understand them and share values and culture. We love quality, we love to dress up. If there’s creativity, the market will grow. Five years ago, who knew that you would see hot pink abayas and neon colors on an Emirati runway? Can’t wait to see the future”.